“Dialogue transforms limbos into landmarks.”


The power of communication — through words, thoughts, images, information and ideas — lies in its potential to propel constructive engagement. Dialogue transforms limbos into landmarks. The restoration of political, economic and social cohesion starts here.

Elna Boesak.

Elna Boesak’s career as South African journalist, social commentator and forum facilitator stretches over thirty years. Her work is rooted in thorough research, motivated by a commitment to excellence, propelled by a work ethic of transparency and accountability and inspired by the principle of responsible citizenship.

She spearheads base line research initiatives, real life productions and citizen journalism training programmes that are focused on the political, economic and social challenges facing communities and societies. Her work pays specific attention to forgotten histories, untold stories and marginalised or ignored realities.

Elna Boesak’s main aim as a professional is to create opportunities for:

  • Dialogue, engagement, collaboration;
  • Creating and holding space for all voices to be heard;
  • Building bridges, and knowledge sharing;  
  • Igniting potential, empowerment, motivation and strengthening capacity.