“Building bridges across divides is like exploring untapped reserves.”

Elna Boesak Hosts, Moderates and Ignites Potential

Stepping into the arena of public discourse is like venturing into a dreamscape of possibility. The individual and organization that engages alternative perspectives and accommodates diverse realities reaps renewed energy and fresh insight. It is in the realm of public discourse and engagement that those with needs are connected with those with resources and cohesion and progress are served.

The aim is to create safe spaces for constructive engagement and productive discussion by investing in:

  • Town meetings and other public forums;
  • Focus groups;
  • Networking sessions.

The stability and prosperity of any nation and democracy is reflected in the well-being of the weakest of its citizens. To empower one vulnerable person economically and socially is to invest in a secure future for generations to come. It is dropping a pebble in a pond and watching the ripples circle well beyond the point of impact.

In order to strengthen the capacity of vulnerable and at risk individuals and communities, more focus is required on:

  • Workshops;
  • Training programmes.