“Opinions shape people's perceptions.”

Elna Boesak Investigates Reality and Articulates Priorities

In constantly shifting environments, citizens, organisations and institutions cannot manage change and challenges to their advantage without reliable information and astute analysis of real life contextual realities. Fact-finding and interpretation provides the mirror in which bigger-picture risks and prospects are viewed for consideration.

Valuable facts, important realities and diverse perspectives are captured through:

  • Base line research studies;
  • Analytical articles, reports and;
  • Documentaries.

Those who offer opinions and express views do so in order to shape people’s perceptions and influence their choices and actions. The main aim of strategic messaging and communication should be not to change people’s minds, but to introduce diverse perspectives and considerations that encourage them to re-imagine what they take for granted and accept as given.

Social challenges and achievements are interpreted by means of:

  • Commentaries;
  • Public speaking.